The story so far.

Currently we’re holed up in our Airbnb here in Osaka. It’s 11:07pm and we hardly went out today, which was nice–we used the time to relax and be hermits. In two days we’ll be leaving Japan for South Korea where we’ll (hopefully) get to spend some time with Tara. Here’s a slightly shortened version of our time in Japan, from Tokyo to Osaka and everything in between.

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Review: ipsy–October 2015.

October is a tricky month for me. It’s the month of what is probably my favorite holiday of the year, but it’s also historically been a month where really bad things happened in my life. The preview for ipsy’s October bag caused a lot of worry among subscribers too, me included: the image featured one of ipsy’s gorgeous stylists in two different outfits and makeup styles, one a more classic look and the other simply outrageous in which she wore bright blue lipstick. A lot of subscribers immediately jumped on that one detail, declaring they would cancel their subscriptions if blue lipsticks were being sent out. it was all a bit weird–I don’t know why they thought that would happen.

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