Before I go.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I’m leaving for a month-long trip this weekend. Bear and I will be spending about four weeks in various parts of Japan and one week in South Korea, where we’ll be meeting Tara! She’s been incredible enough to draw up a detailed itinerary for us, and she made sure to include time for Korean skincare shopping. I can’t wait!

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Review: ipsy–October 2015.

October is a tricky month for me. It’s the month of what is probably my favorite holiday of the year, but it’s also historically been a month where really bad things happened in my life. The preview for ipsy’s October bag caused a lot of worry among subscribers too, me included: the image featured one of ipsy’s gorgeous stylists in two different outfits and makeup styles, one a more classic look and the other simply outrageous in which she wore bright blue lipstick. A lot of subscribers immediately jumped on that one detail, declaring they would cancel their subscriptions if blue lipsticks were being sent out. it was all a bit weird–I don’t know why they thought that would happen.

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Review: Threadless.

Here’s something most of you might not know about me: I love tees. I mean, I really love tees. In fact, I frickin’ love tees. They’re just so comfy and simple.

But I don’t love just any old tee. Nay, I love getting my tees from THE emporium of designs, THE castle of casual comfy, the one and only Threadless. GAZE UPON MY COLLECTION!

There was going to be a picture here, but then I gotlazy. Just trust me when I say I have a LOT.

You’ve probably heard of Threadless before, and really this review is probably pointless because they are quite well-known–in fact, you’ve probably ordered a shirt or two from them before. But I had a particularly lovely experience with them and absolutely need to sing my praises. So buckle up and get your safety gear on because I plan on being slightly more wacky than usual during reviews.

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Review: Try The World (Japan + Paris).

A month ago my best friend sent me a link to check out, saying it “seemed like something I’d like.” It led me to Try The World, a subscription service specializing in foods from all over the world. Unlike most subscription services, Try The World is bi-monthly, so you receive a box and have your credit card charged once every two months. Each box focuses on a different country and offers 6-7 items that are, according to the site, “gourmet products curated by expert chefs.” It costs $39.00 per box, but they also have a shop that seems to sell the very items they put in the boxes, sometimes in larger sizes.

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