The story so far.

Currently we’re holed up in our Airbnb here in Osaka. It’s 11:07pm and we hardly went out today, which was nice–we used the time to relax and be hermits. In two days we’ll be leaving Japan for South Korea where we’ll (hopefully) get to spend some time with Tara. Here’s a slightly shortened version of our time in Japan, from Tokyo to Osaka and everything in between.

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27 Facts About Me

Today is my 27th birthday. This is the first birthday I am actually excited to celebrate. I used to celebrate with my parents and siblings, and then just my parents once my sister moved away and my brother became too busy to remember. In recent years I have taken to celebrating with my boyfriend and close friends, which is preferable. I don’t know why I stopped enjoying my birthday. At first it came from a morbid place; I wanted to be dead, or at least not human. It was a very dark time in my life where I felt low all the time. After I got a little better, the lack of birthday joy remained, and I’m not too sure why.

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