Name: Holland
Birthday: July 31
Western sign: Leo
Eastern sign: Dragon
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Relationship Status: taken by Bear since May 13th, 2009
Highest Education: Master’s degree in 19th Century American Literature and World Literature

More in Depth

I’m 27 and Chinese-American. I was born on the same day as Harry Potter, but eight years later. I’ve lived in California my whole life, and I don’t really see myself living in another state. (Another country? Maybe…) I wear glasses and I’m left-handed, so 3D movies and spiral notebooks are terrible to me.

I have a very short temper, am sometimes easily irritable, and have a weird sense of humor that seems very mean and can be very off-putting to strangers. I am bilingual and an ambivert.

I’m a big fan of science fiction, fantasy, and action stuff. I particularly enjoy Marvel and the idea of superheroes–superpowers can be pretty great!–but it’s best never to bring up Harry Potter or Pacific Rim with me. I will theorize your ass off about those two fandoms.

The Name

I’ve been asked this before. I initially began to use it because I quite liked the character Holland Novak from Eureka Seven, which I was watching/reading at the time. There’s one part in the manga (screenshot to be added) where Holland is just really cool, and that inspired me to use it on a site. It’s not my real name–but it’s as good as.

If you need to get a hold of me, here are a few different ways how.

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