So you want to do business with me! That’s great. This page exists to provide you with more information about working with me.

These are jobs I can currently consider and accept (more may be added depending on skills acquired/improved). Keep in mind that I reserve the right to accept or turn down jobs as I see fit or necessary. Please read descriptions carefully as there are some very important details, such as pricing* and fee exemptions.

Writing a guest article entails me writing something for you post on your site/blog, with a crediting link back to Sectumsempra. You can provide me with a list of subjects to see if I am fit to write on any of them. This is a free service; I will not accept any jobs that I feel go beyond the level of free writing.

Advertising on Sectumsempra is available for affordable prices. Simply have an 88×31 image available that I can use. I will advertise blogs, professional/business sites such as portfolios, shops like Etsy, and crowdfunding efforts. I will not advertise torrent sites, adult-themed sites, and similar. Prices vary–$1/month for blogs, $2/month for professional/business sites, and $3/month for shops. Advertisements for crowdfunding efforts (such as YouCaring or Kickstarter) are free.

– I am available for editing or proofreading jobs during certain times of the year. I can edit or proofread short stories, novels, essays, and articles. Prices vary–contact me to find out my availability or to receive a rough estimate.

Product reviews are available depending on what you would like me to review. I am willing to try and review a wide variety of products. Do not contact me about reviewing items that are illegal or adult-oriented; I am not interested. The only fee I will charge for a review is one of the items, free of charge, for me to try out.

If you’re still interested in potentially hiring me, feel free to contact me.

*Why am I charging for some of these services? The ones I am charging for either offer some benefits to the customer or take up a sizable chunk of my time while utilizing my skills. Money earned from these jobs go towards paying for hosting and the domain.

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