Review: ipsy–August & September 2015.

Another month means another Glam Bag from Ipsy! I’m really behind on reviewing my bags, so this post will be a double review for the months of August and September. I just picked up my October bag at my best friend’s house too, so that will be coming very soon. Eep!


The theme for August was Prep School, which was perfect and just in time for back-to-school moping and groaning. The bag featured a houndstooth pattern, which I quite like no matter how often people tell me it’s an old lady pattern. The hot pink zipper was a nice contrast to the bag. Unfortunately I don’t like the material it’s made out of–I think it’s vinyl but I’m not sure. It’s very plastic-like and I don’t like touching it.

The bag. I love the houndstooth pattern, but I hate the material it's made out of.
The bag. I love the houndstooth pattern, but I hate the material it’s made out of.

I was pretty happy with my August bag. No lipstick (which I’m always wary of), no eyeshadow (which I’ve decided is not for me), and no perfume/fragrance (I already have a preferred scent–Code for Her by Armani–and I hardly use it as it is). The only thing that really made me cringe at the time was the lip liner, but I was really pleased with everything else.

The goodies for August.
The goodies for August.

My best friend got the same bag that I did, but her argan oil leaked during shipping. She got a replacement, which was excellent on Ipsy’s part, but I have to say I was really glad that didn’t happen with mine. I really hate having to go through the hassle of getting replacement items.

I was wary of the lip liner because of the color, wine. I was hoping it would be a good match with an Ulta lip crayon I bought a few months ago, but alas the difference in color was noticeable.

Lip liner pencil by Ofra; eyeliner pen by Starlooks.
Lip liner pencil by Ofra; eyeliner pen by Starlooks.

First up is the Ofra lip liner pencil in wine. This retails for $13.00 on Ofra’s site, so already I’ve more than gotten my money’s worth with this bag. I’ll admit I wasn’t too happy in the beginning, especially after I realized I wouldn’t be able to use it with one of my lip crayons. But one night I was pretty bored, so I took a shower and decided to just color in my lips with it. Wow! I looked so badass. The color is really nice, I think a little more of a dusty rose shade than wine, and it was pretty easy to apply.

Next is the Luxe Longwear Eyeliner Pen by Starlooks in black, which retails for $19.00 on their site. I guess this is an okay liquid eyeliner. I actually don’t like liquid eyeliners at all, but they are a little easier to work with (for me, personally) in a pen form than in a brush form. It goes on easily and dries pretty fast, but I can’t attest to its staying power or its claim to be “longwear” since I put it on and removed it after a couple of seconds of looking at it.

I think it's safe to say that these three were my favorite for August!
I think it’s safe to say that these three were my favorite for August!

I also got the above three items, which I loved the most! First is the Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment (what a mouthful!). This sample is 20.7ml, so it’s nearly half the size of a full-sized product! This oil feels a little different than the Orlando Pita argan oil I’ve been using these last couple of months, and it also has a different smell, but it does the exact same thing for my hair. It’s great! If you love your hair as much as I do, I highly recommend using argan oil after washing it!

Next is a treatment mask from JUARA. The Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask gives your skin a bit of a tingly feeling but it’s quite nice. I loved the way it felt so much that I’m holding on to my last use for a special day sounds cheesy, but that’s how good it is. It’s got a nice smell too, and doesn’t stain.

Last is Tarte’s LipSurgence skintuitive lip gloss. I’m not a fan of lip gloss. It’s usually too sticky, and I really don’t like the shininess of gloss. My first time using lip gloss was when I was 12–my mum bought me some at the mall because I wanted it, and I remember it was a shimmery white shade. I have NO CLUE why I wanted a white gloss, but whatever! This lip gloss comes out on the applicator looking very hot pink, which had me worried since they claim it gives everyone a “personalized pop” of natural color. Surprisingly, it delivers! It’s very sheer in terms of color, and on me (I have light-fairish skin) it turns a very soft pink that hardly shows. Unfortunately, it is still a bit sticky, which is a big turn-off for me. I’m still using this sample, but I don’t think I’ll buy a full-sized version at Ulta like I had originally planned before receiving it.

Overall,the month of August was pretty good. Out of five stars, I give this month…

On to September!


September’s theme was Face Fashion, and I’m still a little confused by what it means. Whatever. after August, I was really excited for this month. The bag was gorgeous, just really classy.

Gorgeous golden bag!

It’s so soft and beautiful, my favorite bag from ipsy so far, so I’ve been using this as my makeup bag when I do take makeup out with me.

The items I received for September.
The items I received for September.

I was really excited to see what I’d be getting, mostly because I love nail polish and this was my first time getting one! I was also looking forward to trying the other stuff–I’d been wanting to try eyeshadow for the first time, and getting a brush at the same time was awesome, plus I had heard a lot of good things about the cleanser.

Eyeshadow, bronze eyeliner, and double-sided shadow and crease brush.
Eyeshadow, bronze eyeliner, and double-sided shadow and crease brush.

First up: the NYX Cosmetics eyeshadow trio palette. This was created specifically for Ipsy, so there’s no link. I failed completely when I tried applying shadow for the first time, so I can’t say how good it is in terms of wear. But the colors are pretty nice–natural shades with a hint of shimmer and black–and the pigmentation seems nice enough.

I was so excited for the brush, the Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet brush from Crown Brush. Their price is $6.99, with the claim that it retails for $17.50. I can’t attest to how good it is, because like I said I failed with eyeshadow. I’ve re-purposed the shadow end to apply translucent powder to set lipstick now, so it’s not entirely a waste. The crease end is what really annoyed me–there’s a rough section in it that picks up more shadow than it should, so it really messes with application. I don’t see myself using that end any time soon, if ever again, but it’s fine since the shadow end is all I need.

I was intrigued by J.Cat Beauty’s #MOTD Waterproof Slide On Pencil in bronze, and was looking forward to trying it out because of the color alone. This pencil, available in a variety of colors, sells for $3.99 on their site, so it’s pretty inexpensive when compared to my favorite eyeliner pencil, which is Urban Decay and is five times the cost. Reading the description on J.Cat’s site, it seems this is a dual-use pencil and can be used for eyes and lips, but I don’t think I’d dare to use this shade on my lips! I, of course, immediately went to try it on, and look what happened!

The tip snapped clean off!
The tip snapped clean off!

I barely applied any pressure and the tip just came right off the pencil! I was a little stunned–the piece very nearly fell into my eye, but I managed to keep it out. Then I felt a little frustrated; after all, it was a new pencil! Upon closer inspection it looked like my pencil had something like an air bubble, so the pigment portion was quite flimsy around the tip and it probably led to the early breakage. Anyways, after I resharpened it and tested it I found the formula to be very creamy. It was relatively easy to apply, though I did need to use a little more pressure. The pigmentation was pretty good and I loved the shade.

The last two items for this month.
The last two items for this month.

Next is the Brighten Up! exfoliating cleanser from Vasanti. I’d heard great things about this cleanser so I was excited to finally get it myself. this cleanser is available in two sizes on Vasanti’s site–the travel size is 20g and costs $10 while the full size is 120g and costs $34. It definitely exfoliates, but I can never tell if something is exfoliating well. but it didn’t irritate my skin, which is good, and it’s got a rather soothing scent. I saw this product available at my local Costco recently, but I didn’t see it today; if there’s a Costco nearby and you’re interested in trying out this cleanser I’d suggest looking there first

Last but not least is the Formula X nail polish by Sephora, in shade Ignite. Unfortunately, I have not done my nails with this yet as I’ve been so busy, and when I finally did I wanted something more nude-toned and classy-looking (they’re a lovely cashew light tan right now with a dot of gold polish in the middle of each nail!) for the cold weather we’ve been experiencing lately. Therefore I cannot attest to the formula of the polish, although based on online reviews it’s incredible and much better than Sephora’s previous line of polishes. The shade, which Sephora’s site describes as a smoking red, is quite lovely, however, and is just perfect for the winter season! I’m also very intrigued by a ton of the shades available from this line… then again, I am too much of a nail polish junkie, so I should really resist the urge.

I think, overall, this month was just decent. I was disappointed that my brush had a faulty crease end and that my eyeliner’s tip broke at first use. Everything else was quite good, though. All things considered, I would give this month…

That’s it for the review of August’s and September’s bags! Phew! If you stuck with me this far–thanks! And if you’re interested in trying out ipsy, please consider using my referral link!

9 thoughts on “Review: ipsy–August & September 2015.”

  1. That’s nice that the August bag was pretty good! The argan oil sounds really nice. I also really like the bag design for September. That’s a pretty color and design on it. Sucks about the pencil breaking so easily though. That’s frustrating because it’s totally new! Even though some things aren’t winners, I’m glad there’s still a few things you like in each one
    Cat recently posted…Thoughts on Hawaii – revisitedMy Profile

  2. I’m glad that you liked everything in the August bag! Too bad about the pencil breaking after the first use. I wonder if you could have sent it back and got a replacement, but it might not be worth the hassle.

    I really like September’s bag! It looks very cute and classy, and I can see why it’s your favorite cause it would be mine too! Haha

  3. I’ve heard of Ipsy only due to my sister because she’s so into beauty products! I have tried some of their samples and I must say its quality is one of the top up there. The august bag, I really like the design of the pouch it came in. Did you have a chance to try the Marc Anthony Moroccan oil? I’d be interested to know how it turns out and what your thoughts are on it!
    Tess recently posted…Keeping Up with the Little HumidifierMy Profile

    1. I tried it once. It has a smell different from the Orlando Pita argan oil I’ve been using, but it basically works the same. I like it a lot, but I do prefer my Orlando Pita more right now.

  4. On the bright side, at least the vinyl bag is less prone to getting soaked in water compared to the fabric ones. Even though the bag came with something you didn’t like, at least it didn’t have the other options that are a no no for you! It’s good that Ipsy would replace defected products.

    It sounds like you’re pleased with the bag overall! I don’t know how long it takes for a normal person to finish a stick of lipstick. . . I think I did myself wrong by buying a bunch and not even 1/4 of the way done with them yet XD.

    I like September’s bag more. Even though it seems a bit more mature, I like it. Whenever I see these prices, “our price: $1.99. their price: $19.99”, I can’t help to think, “HOW???”. I guess it’s part of the Price leading by taking a loss philosophy? “Let’s have low prices to lure people, but once they’re with us, they will buy other stuff!” But all of the stuff you got looks awesome! I like the sample size = less commitment XD.

    Hope October’s bag is awesome~

  5. The August bag was awesome! I hear that Ipsy’s quality can sometimes be shoddy, but I think that can be said for many subscription boxes. I’ve been subscribed to Sparkle Box and Wantable, but I haven’t been writing any reviews. XD I should get on that!
    Raisa recently posted…Boston 2015: Day OneMy Profile

  6. The August bag looks really good. It’s great that most of the products are something that you liked (minus the lip liner). Thankfully your oil didn’t leak, that would have been icky and it was good your friend got a replacement.

    The bag for September looks so pretty! Whoa, that is so bad that the tip came off the pencil! Thankfully it might have just been the air bubble and will hopefully not give you anymore trouble like that!

  7. Last year, I was choosing between Glossybox or Ipsy as my first subscription box. I ultimately went with Glossybox for 6 months to try out. It’s more pricy and the items that came along with it were pretty big and ended up accumulating after a couple of uses. I like the fact that Ipsy comes with a cute bag each month! I really don’t have any use for the fancy box that Glossybox items came in.

    For that broken pencil, I would have probably gone through the hassle of trying to get a replacement item. It’s good to hear that Ipsy is good about it.
    Ella recently posted…Shopaholic?!?My Profile

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