Review: ipsy–October 2015.

October is a tricky month for me. It’s the month of what is probably my favorite holiday of the year, but it’s also historically been a month where really bad things happened in my life. The preview for ipsy’s October bag caused a lot of worry among subscribers too, me included: the image featured one of ipsy’s gorgeous stylists in two different outfits and makeup styles, one a more classic look and the other simply outrageous in which she wore bright blue lipstick. A lot of subscribers immediately jumped on that one detail, declaring they would cancel their subscriptions if blue lipsticks were being sent out. it was all a bit weird–I don’t know why they thought that would happen.

The theme for October was Alter-Ego, which they said was in reference to Halloween and the chance to be someone completely different from your own self. It was a nice idea, at any rate, but the bag itself was somewhat plain and boring, and once again I didn’t like the material it was made out of.

On one side, you get a nice gold color...
On one side, you get a nice gold color…

For a bag that was supposed to be about being different, the choice to use two colors made sense, but I don’t think they really thought the idea out too well. I mean, when I think classic gold I don’t think its opposite would just be a plain black. It would make more sense for it to have some sort of crazy, colorful design or something. It’s quite small in size too, nearly square-shaped as opposed to rectangular, so there’s not much room for anything else besides the small staples of any person’s makeup bag. It also didn’t help that besides being made of a plasticky material, it was also glossy. Urgh.

Overall, the bag design is very boring.
Overall, the bag design is very boring.

Just to preface things (if you want to skip me going through the items one by one and go straight to my rating at the bottom) this is the best bag I’ve gotten thus far. I was excited for nearly everything I was getting, and they didn’t disappoint. So in a way it really balanced out my auto-negative feelings for the month. So if you’re ready, let’s take a look at what I got!

Very small samples this time around, but they packed quite a wallop!
Very small samples this time around, but they packed quite a wallop!

I rushed in taking photos, so the above is all I have. I actually kept almost everything from this bag–I recently got into swapping items I don’t like or use for items that I do want, so I’ve been doing that when the need arises and will continue until I cancel all my subscriptions. it’s not good to be wasteful, after all!

The first item here is Meet Matt(e) Hughes from theBalm Cosmetics in shade Committed. This is a liquid lipstick that is supposed to be long-lasting with a–you guessed it–matte finish. After the first lipstick I got from ipsy (which has remained untouched since my only attempt at using it) I was really hoping to not get anymore lip products, and since I had never used a liquid lipstick before I’ll admit I was a little annoyed to see that I was getting this. But it didn’t disappoint! The shade is a pinky nude, according to theBalm’s site, and because I have light skin it looks really great on me! It does last a decent amount of time, but as with all lip color products it does fade when eating and drinking are involved. However, it’s very easy to apply and the finish is just great. It is a little drying, but I don’t really notice it so it’s not too bad. The full-sized product costs $17.00, so if my calculations are correct this sample is worth a touch under $3.00.

The next item is possibly my favorite item from this bag, because my hair is thick and long and gorgeous. Eva NYC’s Therapy Session Hair Mask works as a conditioner and a repairing mark for hair. I’ve never used a hair mask, but I just apply this one like I would any other conditioner. I absolutely loved this product, to the point that I swapped an item I was never going to use for another one of these! It leaves my hair feeling great, and it has a very subtle fragrance–it’s hardly noticeable, though. The full-sized version costs $12.00, so I estimate the cost of this sample to be about $4.00.

The nail polish is #136 Inky Dinky from Aurora Cosmetics. I was excited because I initially thought this was a navy blue color, but when I looked closer I realized it’s more of a purpley blue. Bummer. I’ve not yet had a chance to try it out, same as the Formula X polish from September, but it seems really nice and most reviews are positive. It’s also quite affordable–regularly priced at $12.00, the site is currently having a sale where all polishes (including Inky Dinky) are just $8.99!

Remember the Ofra lip liner pencil from August, the one I was intensely wary of because of the shade I was getting? Well, I had a repeat situation this month, only this time the product in question was the Pretty Eyes Eyeliner from Skone Cosmetics in shade Plum. I’ve only ever used black eyeliner, so I was worried that this plum color would make me look ill or something equally undesirable. Turns out it has quite a nice effect paired with my dark brown eyes! I really like that this is automatic pencil with a twist tip, so I don’t have to go through the hassle of sharpening it. I wore it to a Halloween party, just on the lower lash line, and I felt awesome all night long. It glides on very smoothly and is pretty up there in terms of pigmentation. This eyeliner costs $15.00 on Skone’s website, and is available in two other shades besides plum–black and navy.

The last item in this bag is a fragrance, Pure Vanilla (in a mini roller ball size) by Lavanila Laboratories. This company uses vanilla in all their fragrances, but this one is simply vanilla. It smelled pretty nice, and I’ll admit I really like roller ball-sized fragrances more than sprays. Unfortunately, I had no real interest in another fragrance, especially since I already have one that I use on occasion which I like much more. The roller ball is a tenth of the full-sized product and costs $12.00; full-sized costs $58.00.

All in all, the overall value of this month’s bag is roughly $46.00, so not bad for the monthly price of a subscription. I was very very pleased with everything that I got, even the fragrance (which I most likely would have used if I didn’t have my regular scent already), and that marks a first since I’ve been subscribed. Without hesitation, I’m going to go ahead and give this bag…

Five stars! Another first!

My review for November’s bag will be up next week, maybe. No preview here since it’ll be available so soon. There’s an extra item I’ll be reviewing along with the bag’s contents, too!

If you’re considering signing up for ipsy, please consider using my referral link!

One thought on “Review: ipsy–October 2015.”

  1. October {—-} Friday the 13th!!! I’m too superstitious to like October except Halloween = candy and chocolate on sale everywhere!!

    I’m not too fond of bags that are two-toned like this. Though I do like the gold color better! I agree that the color should have been something cool like silver!?

    Other than the bag, I’m glad to hear that you really liked the contents in the bag! Good to hear that your faith in lip products has been restored ;).

    Hope the other subs are also 5 stars! If there was a Clinique subs, I would be down to try it out for a couple of months XD.

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